Cell production system

Single engineering

By adopting the Cell Production System, we have achieved flexibility in production by jig changes, so that we can offer equivalent-quality products on a global basis.

(From left to right: index cell, material handling cell, mini cell)

Robotics simulation

Utilizing offline programming

By adopting robotics simulation, we are capable of conducting prior verification for various machine and tools arrangements, which allows us to achieve high-quality facility set-ups at low cost with short lead time.
In addition, forwarding of simulation results to actual production machinery allows us to reduce man-hour for robot teaching and to set up facilities more efficiently.

Parts supply system

Establishment of parts supply environment

Using logistical simulation system, etc., we aim to establish an optimal parts supply environment.

Image inspection technology

Image inspection technology that ensures product traceability

We maintain and control equivalent spot welding quality on a global basis, using the image inspection devices by analyzing electrodes, which we developed internally.

Tip monitor (Electrode control device)

Image analysis of electrodes and automatic pass/fail determination

Laser welding quality (Visualization device)

We inspect the quality of all welds by tailored blank welding (high-speed welding) and weld areas on filler pipes.

Press cracks detection

We are developing an inspection system that can guarantee the whole stamped products quality manufactured by 20 sheets per minute.