Press forming simulation

Press forming simulation realizing less prototype

We utilize CAE to reduce the number of trials with stamping machine and help finalize the precision of parts promptly.

Collision and crush simulation

Aiming to increase efficiency in product development and enhance high-quality

Aiming to further improve performance of the vehicle parts, we evaluate product performance from the design stage, utilizing various simulation techniques, and we are working for shortening a development lead time.
・ Large Deformation Analyzing Tool (LS-DYNA)
・ Static Crush Tester (started operation in June, 2017), etc.

Test and Evaluation

Test and evaluation technology for providing our customers with security

Automobile fuels are inflammable and dangerous. Therefore, fuel tanks and inlet pipes are required to have high air-tightness and reliability.
We own varieties of testing devices to assess our products so that our customers can use them safely.

• Large- and Small-sized Salt Spray Testers
• Thermal Shock Tester
• Thermo-hygrostat Chamber
• Oil Feeding Tester
• Versatile Tension Tester
• Shape Measuring Instrument
• Exciter
• Vickers Hardness Tester
• Microscope
• High Speed Camera, etc.

Oiling Performance Tester

Corrosion-resistance Test