Spot welding

Spot welding that securely joins any materials of any thickness

Spot welding is used on many parts of a vehicle body. The technique of spot welding is becoming more and more complex as cars now use high tensile materials. Keylex is especially proud of its technique of slag-free welding, which contributes to realizing a clean environment inside the plant.
In addition, we have adopted 20R electrodes, which eliminate the need for changes of welding guns, and to ensure the welding quality, we have developed tip monitors, which automatically monitor the dressing condition of electrode tips.

Resistance seam welding

Making fuel tank highly air-tight

We have been manufacturing steel fuel tank with the technique of resistance seam welding.
With the 3D seam welding technology, which synchronizes with robots and welding machines, we can provide high-quality products in high-speed such as saddle type 3D products required for FR and 4WD cars.

Laser welding

Laser welding that accomplishes innovation in production process

By applying the results of research and development in the remote laser welding, which has become increasingly popular for improving the rigidity of vehicle bodies, our innovative production technology has achieved shortening process time to 1/20 on the filler pipe which requires high air-tightness (compared to MIG brazing).

Aluminum joining

Aluminum joining technology that achieves high quality of appearance

Aluminum requires more advanced technology compared to steel.
We are particular about appearance and working on developing and improving friction spot joining and arc welding technologies.

Friction spot joining

In addition to welding strength and quality stability, we have been developing welding tools internally and utilizing them for mass production to make welding appearance beautiful and car owners to be pleased.

MIG welding

We have realized MIG welding of aluminum, which is more difficult than that of steel, in an automated line using robots.