Kurata Co., Ltd/Miura Industries Co.,Ltd

Kurata Co., Ltd Miura Industries Co.,Ltd
Started manufacture and sales of architectural hardware. 1924
Established Kurata Heijiro Store (General partnership company). 1940
Established Kurata Hardware Store Co., Ltd. Started manufacture and sales of vehicle parts & ship hardware. 1948
1952 Started machining operation as a private business.
Changed the name to Kurata Metal Industries Co., Ltd. 1956
1957 Established Miura Iron Works Ltd with the capital of 7.5 million yen.
Built a plant specialized for vehicle parts.in Kaita and started operation. 1960 Started manufacture of vehicle parts.
1963 Changed the company form from Miura Iron Works Ltd to Miura Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1968 Increased the capital to 15 million yen.
1973 Asahara shop was completed and started operation.
Change the company name to Miura Industries Co., Ltd.
Appointed as Quality Assurance Certified Company by Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently known as Mazda Motor Corporation).
1976 Tsuwano shop was completed and started operation.
Increased the capital to 150 million yen. 1981 Increased the capital to 90 million yen.
Yano shop was completed. 1988 Established Lenawee Stamping Corporation (LSC) in U.S.A.
Invested 4 million US dollars.
Changed the name to Kurata Corporation. 
Yuu shop is completed.
1989 Extended a die shop. Introduced CAD/CAM.
Yano shop was expanded. 1991
Started the production of completed vehicle; AZ-1. 1992 Certified as the 1st Quality Assurance Excellence Company by Mazda Motor Corporation.
Received TPM Excellence Award (Category 1). 1994 Received TPM Excellence Award (Category 1) in FY1994.
1997 Received TPM Excellence Continuation Award (Category 1) in FY 1997.
Obtained QS-9000 certification.
Started manufacture and sales of medical equipment ‘Alfa Time’.
Received TPM Excellence Special Award.
Obtained ISO9001 and QS-9000 certificate. 1999